Saturday, January 14, 2017

5 Ways to Improve Your Professional Services Firm’s Website


Online marketing Online Marketing Services by RapidSolutions has transformed the way that professional services firms do business. Most Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms have brochure-style websites, but as the web evolves, it has become essential to build an interactive website that is capable of attracting targeted traffic and converting visitors into leads. Below are 5 ways to improve the results of your professional services firm’s website.

Blogs are at the core of almost every successful content marketing strategy. While case studies and white papers still have their place, they are overwhelming for newcomers to your website. A blog allows AEC firms to generate fresh, easily digested website content that attracts and retains new visitors.

Write on topics that are relevant to the services you provide and incorporate target keywords into your blog posts. Not only will a blog position your AEC firm as an industry authority, it will also make your website easier for prospects to find. RapidSolutions’s professional content management system (CMS), FusionCMS, includes a blog module that allows you to easily update your blog content to engage visitors and improve your website’s search engine visibility.

It’s not enough to just publish website content and hope that people will find it. AEC firms must jump on the social media bandwagon in order to spread the word about their websites. FusionCMS’s blog module is integrated with social media, enabling readers to instantly share your content across social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

3. SEO
One of the most effective online marketing methods for AEC firms is SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO helps your website get found online. It involves identifying the keywords that potential clients are using to find sites like yours and then optimizing your website content for those keywords. RapidSolutions designs and develops AEC firm websites with SEO in mind. Our FusionCMS platform also streamlines the process of creating SEO-friendly web pages and content.

To ensure that your website is equipped to capture all of the leads it receives, it’s essential to create a mobile-friendly version of your website. Responsively designed websites provide an optimal viewing experience on all types of devices, from smartphones, to tablets, to desktop computers. Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial these days, considering that 24% of total website traffic came from mobile devices in the first quarter of 2013, up 78% from the same time in 2012. AEC firms that use FusionCMS are provided with a mobile website that is driven and managed by the same CMS as their desktop site, so a single edit updates both sites simultaneously.

Each page of your website should feature messaging about your product or service as well as a strategic offer. The offer should be as specific to the page as possible. When crafting offers for each page, consider what the page is about and who will be reading it.

Encourage visitors to click on a button to contact you or provide you with their email address. Your website visitors don’t want to fill out a long form or click on an offer that’s difficult to decipher, so make sure that any offer that you make is eye-catching, clear, and brief. FusionCMS’s form builder module allows you to design and generate custom forms and develop clear calls-to-action for your website in a matter of minutes to collect contact information or newsletter and offer signups.


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