Saturday, January 14, 2017

Marketing, Reporting

Constant Contact ( ) – Create a branded newsletter that can be emailed to your reader/customer base at the touch of a button. This service is trusted by many small business owners and is highly customizable. There are more than 400 templates to choose from so you can find one that matches your existing site very easily. ( ) – Build your off page SEO by looking at who is linking to your competitors.  See which web pages are publishing content relative to your competition. With that information in hand, you can seek to build your own relationship with that site. If you decide to do this, be sure to maintain the highest professional standards.

Mail Chimp ( ) – MailChimp is a great tool to use to help manage your marketing newsletters.  The program features customizable templates, CMS services such as WordPress and many other features that many small businesses will find useful.  Review:

Marketing Grader by Hubspot ( ) – This is an excellent tool to let you know how your website is doing in a wide variety of marketing strategies. Essentially, it produces a report that analyzes what you are doing to bring visitors to your website, keep them there, and then convert them into customers.
Statistics, Research ( ) – is a provider of free, global web metrics. Search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. Use their analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development. Use Alexa’s Pro tools to optimize your company’s presence on the web.

FreshBooks ( ) – Freshbooks is an online invoicing system that allows you to track the time spent with multiple clients.  This program also lets you send invoices via email or regular mail.  Freshbooks is an easy to use program that allows you to easily track your income and what you are paying out. Reviews:

Google Analytics ( ) – Google analytics is a web business application that helps increase the amount of traffic your website experiences.  Google analytics can also show you how visitors found your website which in turn can help you improve your website to make it run more efficiently.

PDFOnline ( ) – PDFOnline comes in handy because they allow you to convert the document into a PDF format so that all of your intentional indents and embedded graphics stay exactly where you put them. You can convert MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, Text, or certain images to PDF just by uploading them to the website.
Shopping Carts, Payments

Checkout by Amazon ( ) – The JavaScript code used by Amazon means you will be able to rely on the Amazon servers for your online shopping cart. This means less down time and that your shoppers will be able to use data already securely stored in the Amazon accounts for making purchases. With the popularity of Amazon, consumers will have confidence that your eCommerce shop can be trusted.

Google Checkout ( ) – This service might be the most easy to understand of all the ones listed. In part, this is due to Google’s experience managing large amounts of information. When it comes to integrating Google Checkout as your online shopping cart, there are a wide variety of options, including a mobile check out process. ( ) – PayPal lets you sell online to anyone with a credit card. They don’t even need a PayPal account to pay you. You don’t need advanced programming skills to add a payment button to your site. It takes about 15 minutes to get up and running. With low rates and no monthly fees,* PayPal can help reduce your TOTAL processing costs.

Yahoo Ecommerce for Small Businesses ( ) – There are many layers of service available from Yahoo and they are utilized by more Internet Retailers® Top 500 retailers than any other hosted service. The Yahoo online shopping cart is easy to set up and highly customizable. They also offer customer support over the phone during traditional business hours.

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