Website Packages

Website Designing Packages in Pakistan
Website Designing Packages in Pakistan
Selecting a Hosting Packages
After consulting with you, we will know the estimated size your site will be. This will provide us the information we need to select an appropriate package to host your online establishment.

Design & Development
Once we've gathered and researched the information you have provided us. We will begin to Design & Develop your site. You will have the opportunity to view our work so that we can make any changes necessary to your site before fully completed. The entire process may take from one to two weeks once all information is provided.

Redesign/Site Evaluation` If you already have a Web Site and are not satisfied or need a new look. We can provide custom work that we know you will be satisfied with. Send us your current URL (http://www...) and we will examine your site and send you a report with what we found and what we can do for you. There is no charge for the evaluation and report for your site.

Site Maintaining
Some sites may need to be updated monthly, weekly or even daily. Rather than have an out dated site or a new site every month. We offer affordable maintaining services that can be provided hourly or in monthly blocks.

Graphic Design
We provide graphic design work from ad banners to web site layouts. With the development of your site this service is included aside from logo designa and banners.

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