Saturday, January 14, 2017

Google Algoritham Changings

Google made one of the biggest changes ever to its search results earlier this month, which immediately had a noticeable effect on many Web sites that rely on the world’s biggest search engine to drive traffic to their sites.

The main tweak, aims to drive better content driven sites to the top of the organic search results.

“Our goal is simple: to give users the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible,” said  Google spokesman. “This requires constant tuning of our algorithms, as new content – both good and bad – comes online all the time. Recently we’ve heard from our users that they want to see fewer low quality sites in our results.”

The change seems to be aimed squarely at sites with low, relevant content and sites that simply harvest content from other sites. This will have an impact, again, on poorly designed sites non responsive. If your site is like that , and the designers have not created an indexable side-site, you will see a further drop in your organic placings.

At the moment, the rollout of the change seems affecting all sites around the globe. Google kind of preempted a big change to their algorithm with this article about finding high quality search in sites.

 Also, if your site is part of a web farm or large link swapping system you may well see your site being penalized for this too.  In my opinion, its fine to have a couple Links from Good PA, DA websites and only relevant sites, but linking out and back in from farms will be seen as a more negative thing from the big G’s point of view going forward.

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  1. Google change own algorithm day by day and its very difficult to all webmasters.