Saturday, January 14, 2017

Content Management System or Not?

When you visit a website and see pretty images and well-formatted text, behind the glow is a host of code that looks similar to Mandarin, a chinese language. Some people (I used to) write the code from scratch. Others (smarter ones) use some form of a template to get the core up, then they tweak the look and add content. Using this "template" tool (otherwise called Content Management System, CMS) is your choice if you don't want to get into the code rubble. It allows you to add and edit your content easily as if you were working with a Word document.

So there's really no question as to whether you use a CMS or not. Remember this is a quick guide and you are reading it because you may want to get a website up quickly. If you don't use a CMS, there's no way that can happen.

Which CMS to choose?

Some would say there are many. I wouldn't. I'd say there are three: WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. Both of them will work, but in my opinion Drupal comes with an easier to use interface that really encourages you to manage your website yourself. It is also more efficient at large.

For a small fee of $5, LiveSpring will install Drupal for you and setup your choice of a template, then you can go ahead and start uploading your content. However if you feel like doing it yourself, there's a separate two-page guide that teaches you about setting up your content. View here

Getting your website to the host

Considering the fact that you already have your content and you are ready to have the website go up, after your purchase the web hosting space, you would then need to populate the website with your content and images.

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