Content Writing Training
Duration: 30 Days -  4 days a week 16 days a month.
Fees: 20 Thousands Rupees
What is Web Content Writing?
This is an intensive 6-week course where students will learn effective skills and techniques for writing effective web content that will hold the reader's attention. This course will cover everything from understanding how visitors read a web page and writing techniques to measuring the results of your improved writing. This course is ideal for students beginning to dabble in the art of online writing to the more advanced web writer looking to polish their skills.
Content Writing Training is a rigorous course offered by Wisdompad, where you will be taught useful techniques and skills for writing unique and effective web content that will grab the reader’s attention instantly. These lessons will cover almost everything, starting from understanding the visitors’ point of view when reading a web page, to proficient writing techniques, and evaluating the results of your enhanced writing.
Who Can Do This Course?
Our course is appropriate for people who write or wish to write articles or blogs for internet, websites and social media networks. It is not business writing or copywriting course, but a complete course that explains how you can apply your skills and efficiency, to write fine web content.
This course is perfect for those, who are ready to try their hand in the field of online writing and looking forward to polish their skills and becoming more specialized writers.
Job Prospects of Content Writing Certification
Due to the increase in online business, content creation is the vital element of any web based product or service. Excellent online content writers are hard to find, and are always in demand. International brands and companies are constantly searching for people who are creative and have a flair for all types of writing. Apart from the marketing point of view, content creation is an art, which can earn you a hefty income. Through online profiles you can get projects of assignment writing, web writing and else and generate a good side income for yourself.
Our professional teachers will guide you about how to use this skill of writing and will help you polish it into something that you can use to become a professional!
Course Outline
Applicable Job Roles: web project managers, and webmasters.
Week 1: Importance of Writing Effective Web Content
How visitors read on the web
Search engine standings
Week 2: Effective Web Content Writing Techniques
Identify goals of your website
Writing for your target audience
Headlines and titles
Week 3: Effective Web Content Writing Techniques (continued)
Too much or not enough information - finding the happy medium
Common mistakes
Week 4: The Writing and Design Relationship
Aesthetically pleasing pages
Page layout
Week 5: Creativity in Web Writing
Incorporating creative writing without going overboard
Ways to stand out from your competition
Week 6: Measuring the Effect of Improved Writing
Methods of tracking web analytics
Analyzing the web analytics
Lesson 1: The Concept of Content Writing
Significance Of Content Marketing in the Online Market
How Search Engines Read Content Online
Job Prospects Of Content Writing Training
Different Types Of Content Writing
How to Prepare the Strategy of Content Marketing
Lesson 2: Techniques of Web Content Writing
Identifying Goals of your Website & Requirements of the Business
Writing for your Target Audience
Formatting Titles & Headlines
Optimizing Web Content for SEO (Keyword Placement, H1& H2, Hyperlinks, and Keyword Density etc.)
Too much or not enough information – finding the happy medium
General mistakes
Lesson 3: Techniques for Writing Articles & Blogs Content
Significance of Article writing
Technique of Article Writing, Tone, Style, and Language
Tips to Make Attractive & Easy to Read Content to increase Traffic
How to use Articles & Blogs to Promote business online
Lesson 4: Writing and Formatting Sales & Promotion Content
Types of Promotional Content
Landing pages
Product descriptions
Press Release
Creating Visually Appealing Pages & Balancing with Images
Page Layout & Text Outline & Call-To-Action Buttons
Tip for Effective Writing In Sales Tone
Lesson 5: Writing and Formatting Assignments
Types Of International Assignments
Formatting And Outline
How To Select & Create Referencing
Writing Skills
1.        How to write clear and concise sentences
2.        How to Write Steps, Instructions and Procedures
3.        Organizing the content
4.        Using simple words/Plain English
5.        Logical sequence of Writing
6.        Writing Sentence and Paragraph
7.        Words to Avoid in Technical Writing
8.        Document Flow
9.        Tone and Rhetoric
9. Style Guide and Standards
1.        What is Plagiarism
2.        Steps to ensure Plagiarism free content
3.        Types of Style Guides
4.        Documentation Standards
5.        Microsoft Style Guide for Technical Publication (MSTP)
6.        Plan your writing
7.        Document Conventions

WordPress Training Course
Duration: Twenty (20) Hours in 10 Days     Fees: 20K PKR
Who Should Attend this WordPress Training?
Bloggers who want to professionally manage their blogs via WordPress
Businessmen who want to manage their websites
Online Store Owners who want to setup their own Online Store and Manage it
Freelancers who want to have professional websites to represent their portfolio and get more business
Website Owners who want to publish Google Ads and want to earn Residual / Home based Income
House Wives who want to earn Residual / Home base Income
Web Designers who want to develop websites quickly via WordPress

Scope & Objectives of WordPress Training:
You will be able to Create Fully Functional WordPress based Websites
You will be able to setup your Own Online Store
You will be able to setup your Own Affiliate Store
You will be able to publish Google Ads at Your Website
You will be able to completely manage your Dynamic Website based on WordPress
You will be able to create web portal via WordPress

WordPress Course Outline / Agenda:
Foundations of a WordPress-based website
What is WordPress?
How can WordPress help me?
How much does WordPress cost?
How/where do I get WordPress?
Understanding and Using domain names
WordPress Hosting Options
Installing WordPress from scratch
Basic WordPress settings
Changing your password
Understanding Directory Permissions
Basics of the WordPress User Interface
Anatomy of the Homepage
What is a post?
Post categories
What is a page?
Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration
Core WordPress Settings
Finding and Using WordPress Plugins
What are plugins?
Plugin directory
Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
Upgrading WordPress Plugins
Recommended WordPress Plugins
Working with WordPress Themes
What is a theme?
Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
Installing and Configuring Themes
Editing and Customizing Themes
Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes
Theme Best Practices
WordPress Content Management
Understanding Posts Versus Pages
Organizing Posts with Categories
Connecting Posts Together with Tags
Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
Managing Lists of Links
Creating and Managing Content
Hands-On Training on the WordPress Editors
Hands-On Training on the New Image Editor
Adding Video and Audio Media to a WordPress Website
WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A Checklist for WordPress SEO
Using SEO Plugins and SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
Mastering Google Webmaster Tools
Writing and Linking for SEO
Avoiding Black Hat SEO tactics that will get you into trouble with Google
Managing Multimedia with WordPress
Organizing Pictures, Videos and Downloadable Files in WordPress
Alternatives to Using WordPress for Managing Media Online
Using WordPress Photo Galleries
WordPress Website Maintenance
Updating and Upgrading WordPress itself
Updating Plugins and Themes
Database Maintenance for WordPress Users
WordPress Security
Securing WordPress Passwords
Updates and Patches to Keep Your Website Secure
Connecting Securely to Your WordPress Website
User Management

Youtube Marketing & Advertising Training Course
Duration: 24 Hours in 10 Days
Youtube Marketing & Advertising Training Fee: Rs.15,000/-
Learning Outcome Benefits & Advantages Youtube Marketing & Advertising Training:
Learn what social media is and how businesses are using it.
Learn how to use Youtube
Learn how to develop an effective social media plan.
Youtube Marketing & Advertising Course Outline/Agenda
Social Media Overview
Social Media Policy
Sites and Tools
Tracking Activity and Results
Google URL Builder
YouTube for Branding
Examples of YouTube Channels
YouTube for Sales
YouTube for SEO
YouTube for Support
YouTube Policy
Tools, Services, and Management
Other Video Sites
Tracking Activity and Results
Google Adsense Training
Fee: Rs.15,000/-  Duration: 12 Hours in 6 Days
Learning Outcome Benefits & Advantages Google Adsense Training:
You will be able to place Google Adsense Ads to Any Website
You will be able to generate extra income from your website
You will be able to understand Google Adsense Properly
Google Adsense Course Outline / Agenda
Introduction to Google Adsense
Setting up an account
Google Adsense Interface
Google Adsense Insights
Google Adsense Efficiency
Adsense Policy Webinar – Being Policy Compliant
Custom Channels
Adsense for Search – Search box placement
Enable Text and Image Ads
Creating an ad unit
Utilize Link Units
Simplify your ad management and gain performance insights
Opt-in to Placement Targeting
Determining eligible ads for your content pages
 Google Adsense – Allow and Block Ads Google Adsense – Additional Publisher Resources Webmaster Tools
Ad Review Center
Performance Report Tabs
Advanced reporting
Understanding your CPM (effective cost per thousand impressions)
Make Money on Blogger using Google Adsense
What Has Adsense Done for You?
Building a Content-Rich Website
Designing a Content Advert
Adsense for Search
Adsense Options
Tracking Adsense performance


SEO Training

SEO Training Fee: Rs.20,000/-
SEO Training Course Duration: Twenty Four (24) Hours in 12 Days
Who Should Attend this SEO Training?
1. SEO and SEM: Wanting to improve their industry skills
2. Marketing Executives: Want to reduce PPC/CPC budget and want organic results too
3. Webmasters: Want to increase traffic to their Websites
4. Website Designers: Want to offer search engine marketing services to their clients
Scope & Objectives of SEO Training:
1. Get top positions with specific words on leading search engines and reach global audience
2. Market your website/ product internationally
3. Experience the power of internet
4. High Paid Salaries Jobs
5. Extra Source of Income
6. Freelance Working Facilities
Learning Outcome Benefits & Advantages SEO Training:
1. Ability to Promote and Handle Own Websites in Search Engines like google, yahoo, msn…
2. Dos and Don’ts of Website Development and Designing
3. Capability of Understanding Search Engine Workings
4. Overview of Latest Search Engine Optimization Techniques
5. Understanding of Online Marketing Strategies and Implementations
6. Difference of Manual and Automated Submissions, Monitoring, Reporting
7. Understanding of Business Oriented Websites
8. Approaching to International Market
9. Realizing the Power or Value of Internet
10. Online Target Market Identification
11. Identification of Competitors
12. Understanding of Online Surfers Psychology
Course Outline/Agenda
• Introduction to Search Engine
• Choosing the Right Keyword Phrase
• Competitor Optimization Analysis
• Selection of Domain Name and Hosting Company
• Keyword Phrase Distribution
• Writing Content and Balancing Keyword Density
• On Page Factor Optimization
• SEO Formatting Techniques
• Develop Content for Link Campaign
• Search Engines and Directories Submission
• Competitors Link Campaign Analysis
• Developing Link Building Campaign
• Creating Blog
• Monitor Your Link Building Campaign
• Rank Checking
• Monitoring Competitors
• Monitoring Your Server Statistics
• Going Efforts Required
• SPAM or Black hat SEO Practices
• Smart SEO Tools & Utilities Implementation
• Search Engines History and Algorithmic Updates
• Overview of Search Engine Algorithms
• Strategy for Internal Linking
• Developing Link Building Strategy
• Monitoring Your Right Competitors
• SEO Friendly Content Writing Techniques
• Optimizing & Compressing Your Website’s Code
• Natural Linking / Organic Link Building ways
• Analyzing Your Website’s Traffic
• Google optimization
• Yahoo optimization
• Msn optimization
• Creates Effective Title and Meta
• Optimizing Layout of Your Pages
• Optimizing Navigation and Menus
• Duplicate Content Issues

Online Entrepreneurship Business Training
Do You Want to Start Your Own Online Business?
It is easy to start an online business; all you need is passion about something and skills to turn that passion into a business empire.
We have done this, and you can do this too.
All you need is 4 steps:
Step #1: Have a passion / interest about something.
Step #2: Build a beautiful website around that interest.
Step #3: Promote that website to attract visitors.
Step #4: Turn that visitors into customers & earn revenue.
A Complete Training by Professionals having years of experience on building such systems for international clients.
We have trained people to do this before and you can learn it too.
We will guide you each step of setting up a complete online business and to become a successful Online Entrepreneur.
We will guide you step-by-step process of:
Domain Registration to Web Hosting
Designing a Website to Hosting a Complete Online Store
Creating a Brand to Building a Social Media
Writing Content to a Complete Inbound Marketing
Ranking on Google to Google Adwords Management
Mega Marketing to Users to Complete Sales Generation
Delivering Goods & Services to Collecting Cash from Customers
Ebay Business Training
Amazon Drop Shipping
You will learn everything you need to start, create, and grow a successful online business.
Call Center and Customer Service Course Details
Duration:  10 Days  20 Hours  Fees: 20K rupees.
Call centers, whether we choose to embrace them or cannot stand being interrupted by their calls, are a business element that is here to stay. This course will help call center agents learn to make the very most of their telephone based work, including understanding the best ways to listen and be heard. Each phone interaction also has elements of sales and customer service skills, which will be explored in detail throughout this energizing and practical three-day workshop.
This workshop will help you teach participants:
  • The nuances of body language and verbal skills
  • Aspects of verbal communication such as tone, cadence, and pitch
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • How to deliver bad news and say "no"
  • Effective ways to negotiate
  • The importance of creating and delivering meaningful messages
Tools to facilitate their communication
  • The value of personalizing their interactions and developing relationships
  • Vocal techniques that will enhance their speech and communication ability
  • Personalized techniques for managing stress
  • Audience:
  • Pre-Requisites:
  • Anybody working in a call centre
You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.
What's Missing in Telephone Communication?
To begin, participants will explore Alfred Mehrabian's study on communication and how it affects telephone communication. Participants will also learn the role that body language plays in telephone communication.
Verbal Communication
This session will cover the four E's of an effective telephone voice and how you can use them to promote a service image.
Who are Your Customers?
In this session, participants will learn about what a customer is, and they will identify some of their own customers.
To Serve and Delight
This session will give participants an opportunity to develop strong, helpful phrases for assisting customers.
Listening Skills
During this session, participants will learn techniques for active listening and staying focused.
Asking the Right Questions
In this session, participants will learn about open and closed questions and probes.
Saying No
Delivering bad news and saying "no" can be two of the most challenging aspects of a call center agent's job. This session will give participants techniques and practice in these two key skill areas.
Sales by Phone:
This session will discuss how to use information delivery and rapport building to help participants sell over the phone.
Taking Messages:
During this session, participants will look at some key elements of taking messages. Then, they will develop a quick reference sheet that they can keep by their desk.
Staying Out of Voice Mail Jail:
Voice mail is a great tool, but it can also be frustrating. In this session, participants will discuss some tips for leaving messages and they will have an opportunity to practice those techniques.
Closing Down the Voice:
This session will give participants a chance to practice some vocal exercises.
Cold and Warm Calls:
During this session, participants will learn about these two types of calls and how to maximize their efficiency in each.
Developing a Script:
Scripts can be an effective tool, particularly for cold calls. This session will give participants a chance to lay out the framework for their script.
Perfecting the Script:
Next, participants will learn ways to customize their scripts. We will also look at FAQ sheets and how they can help participants on a daily basis.
Going Above and Beyond:
This session will give participants 15 techniques for success and some ways to customize their service.
Handling Objections:
During this session, participants will learn different ways to address objections.
Closing the Sale:
Next, participants will develop good questions that can help them close a sale.
During this session, participants will work in pairs to rewrite dry and less than imaginative statements to show empathy for their customers.
Changes in the Customer:
This session will explore some ways that customers have changed in the past twenty years.
Negotiation is a key skill for call center success. During this session, participants will learn four things that they can do to become better negotiators.
It's More Than Just a Phase:
Next, participants will learn about the four phases of negotiation and some different types of negotiation.
High Impact Moments:
This session will explore some situations where you come into contact with a client or customer at a time when you can have a huge impact on them.
Tips for Chatty Callers
During this session, participants will learn some ways to deal with different caller types.
This is My Mentor, Roger:
This case study will give participants a chance to practice some of the skills that they have learned so far.
Phone Tag and Getting the Call Back:
While today's technology can make it hard to reach a decision maker, it also provides opportunities. This session will give participants some tools to deal with phone tag.
Dealing with Difficult Customers:
This session will give participants nine easy techniques for managing difficult customers. We will also look at how to deal with vulgarity.
Stress Busting:
We all need techniques for managing the stress in our lives. This session will encourage participants to develop some personalized ways to manage stress.
News from Within: During this session, we will take brief look at the inside workings of a call center and how they are managed...

Web hosting and Domain Registration Course:
Course Duration: 15 Hours 10 Days Fee: 20K PKR
This course is created with the purpose of getting you started with online business and international network marketing. In this course, you will learn about how to start a web hosting business that guarantee lifetime passive income. I will show you in great details how to set up the recommended business initiative. The technique I use will work for beginners who know nothing about internet business. Most of the business ideas are in chronological order. It is therefore very important that you go through each session without skipping any as some businesses might require transferable skills for subsequent ideas. This is done to ensure you have first class knowledge and holistic understanding of how to set up an online business that will make you money.
It is a no-brainer approach guide, meaning you really do not need prior understanding of how to do things. I will teach you how to set up everything you need to get started. If you follow all the courses accordingly, you will be able to create a simple business model that will generate money from any location in the world. By the end of this course, you will have the necessary tools needed to begin advanced online business model. If you are patient, determined and very hard working, after this course, I can assure you that you are very much on the right path to becoming a successful web entrepreneur.
Web hosting is a trending business that isn't slowing down. With over 550 websites created every single minute, they each need a hosting account.
A web hosting business allows you to:
  • Earn recurring income every single month
  • Increase your earnings month after month
  • Work from home (or anywhere you want to work from)
  • Add a new service to an existing web design or internet marketing business
  • If any of these reasons have you thinking about starting a web hosting business, this course will teach you:
  • What you will need to be successful in this business
  • The different ways you can make money with a web hosting business
  • All about hosting so you understand what you will need and be able to help your customers better understand hosting
  • What software you will need to automate your business and sales
  • How to proactively support your customers to build loyalty
"This course is a complete course about making a hosting company from scratch. This course covers everything I may need to start a hosting company. I loved the course, and I loved Christine's way, and the organization of the course." - Amr
Of course, knowing how to start a web hosting business is great but it doesn't mean much if you don't have any customers to start making money. That's why we're also going to cover 15 ways to market and promote your web hosting business to continually build sales. You'll also find out when to expect higher sales and lower sales throughout the year so you can plan accordingly and what to do when your sales stop increasing. This course walks you through everything you need to set-up your web hosting business, how to grow it and you have access to the instructor for questions and feedback as you get started.
Let's start setting up your web hosting business now so you start earning recurring income month after month.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is willing to work hard to set-up their web hosting business while they have the instructor's support to make it happen
  • Anyone who wants or needs to start making money from home
  • Anyone who is looking for a business they can run part-time or full-time to supplement their income
  • Anyone from anywhere in the world (with internet access of course!) can start this business
What Will I Learn?
  • Be able to have your web hosting business up and running by the end of this course by following the step-by-step action plan provided
  • Access to the instructor for any feedback, questions and assistance needed to make setting up your web hosting business a reality
  • Learn how to set-up your web hosting website in order to automate sales
  • Understand the software, plugins and set-up you'll need
  • Understand hosting lingo in order to set-up your business and help customers select the best hosting package for them
  • Understand the different type of services and packages to choose from
  • Where to get your website integrated with the automated web hosting software inexpensively
  • Prepare for high sales and low sales by accurately predicting when they will happen
  • How to provide customer service that creates loyal customers
  • Market your web hosting services using a variety of free and paid methods to boost sales and drive traffic to your website
  • How to upsell your current customers to make the most money from each customer
  • What you should do when you aren't getting any more customers

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